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Pink Sun - Muselist Code

And now trying my hand at coding things... Here's a simple muselist idea!

Vegeta | Dragonball Z

Maribelle | Fire Emblem
Gi-ne | Dragonball Z

Tomata | Dragonball XV

Code by [community profile] entente

- Copying the code below into an entry post will provide four items. To add a new row (with two items in each) just copy and past the code between ROW START and ROW END however many times is necessary.

- Insert your character's information where directed, as well as whichever icon you want to use where it says ICON URL.

- The sun symbols ☀ and ☼ are on a second line in the text area. Feel free to put whatever you want there, be it canon points, usernames or muse strength. In this example, I've used the suns as a measure of muse strength. You can also just delete it (along with the < br >) if you just want the name and canon. I feel like this could also work for a very minimalist CR chart if you wanted!

- The colours used in this code are #B4045F for the text and #F7819F for the borders and #FFFAFE for the background if you want to change them at all.


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Thanks this is amazing :)!