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Layout (Transmogrified) - Rope Burn

Rope Burn

Live preview at [personal profile] aurawhirl

About this layout:
- Name comes from the fact that all the images were made from some photos I took of rope. Deep.
- Flexible width. Looks fine on phones and tablets.
- Customised comment pages! You might still want to disable those if you're doing really long threads, but threads of around ten comments it seems to read fine.
- The layout shows no modules other than the navigation.
- Images used are here and here, in case you want to host them yourself or replace them. If you do replace them, be mindful of the banner size and of how the text looks against the background.
-Very easy to install!

- Select Transmogrified by Yvonne.
- Go to Customise CSS and make sure custom style sheets are unchecked
- Copy and paste the following code into "Use embedded CSS".
- There are instructions on how to change the banner and background in the code itself!

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